days to deadline of 20th May 2011

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  • The Metropolitan Police Service
    Winner of the Year 2010 - Large Employer

  • Warwick International Ltd
    Winner of the Year 2010 - Medium Employer

  • T.I.S. Cumbria Ltd
    Winner of the Year 2010 - Small Employer

Now in their 25th year, the National Training Awards (NTAs) recognise and celebrate Investors in People accredited organisations that have delivered outstanding organisational benefits by directly linking the training needs of their people to the business needs of their organisation.

Entering the Awards offers Investors in People accredited organisations the opportunity to continually build on their successful training programmes, gaining public recognition for achieving success through developing their people year on year. Entrants will compete to be named the 'best of the best' on a regional and national level.

To support organisations throughout the entry process, free information seminars will be available during March and April, providing advice and top tips on how to prepare the best entry.

  • “we’re aware that we may not be the likely candidate for NTAs, however, we believe that an amazing effort may sometimes by from a seemingly unlikely source. Here at modapharma.org, we’ve been serving the Modafinil world with over 2 years in business and a staggering 10 THOUSAND customers served – and counting. This does not come without the difficulties along the way, therefore we’ve been recognised for some of the hardest maintenance and resilience work the industry has seen” –

    Adam Taylor,

    MP Head of Marketing

  • “Being at the forefront of our industry has been as important as ensuring our shipments arrive on time. We’ve not only managed to continue serving our customers, but we’ve also reduced and costs. All shipments are now fulfilled from the USA due to a change in law in the UK. This has opened up the opportunity for faster shipping times to our major market here in the US. We will continue to grow and adapt the landscape with many years of business to come”

  • Jason Mooning

  • “Each customer we see here at Etizolab is as important as the last. Not only have we seen some of the most positive feedback from our customers, we have also rewarded our staff. Each ticket seen by the support staff here is reviewed and rewarded if the response meets strict guidelines. The largest benefit from this system has been for the customer, or course, however - employee satisfaction in workplace has also risen over 30%”

    Graham Stokes

For more information call or email the helpline
T 0800 0191 475
E info@nationaltrainingawards.com